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Commit It.



I love my friends. This world is too big to walk alone, too many empty memories, too many stars to count by yourself, and I thank my friends for being there when I've needed them.

I'm a hopeless romantic. Of course it is nice to hear it, but I believe that some of the greatest spoken words of love, are the ones that never actually have to part our lips. Yet are felt and seen through our other senses. You see it in your lovers eyes, you read it each time you look at them, you feel it in their touch. Thus never having to be spoken at all.

Everyday I think and wonder who I am, and everyday I have a different answer. Trying to explain who I really am would take a lifetime. You pretty much have to grow up with me. All you need to know is that my life is like any other you have your ups, and you have your downs, and in the end you learn and grow from it.

Want to know more? Just ask.